Love Your Tent and Buckinghamshire New University

  “Love Your Tent, take it with you when you’ve finished the festival, because you can’t recycle, it all goes to landfill.” (Elbow)     The waste campaign group, Love Your Tent and Buckinghamshire New University are making a call to festivals organisers and retailers alike to end the shocking wasteland culture at festival campsites. This […]

12 Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Internacional

A realização anual do Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Internacional   (principal e maior evento temático do  país), que este ano será dedicado ao estudo do Direito Internacional frente aos Objetivos do Milênio da ONU,  permite que haja intercâmbio entre pesquisadores renomados e jovens pesquisadores que trazem para o evento suas teses e pesquisas dando fluidez […]

Interview with Annette Cotter: A New Perspective on Making Environmental Change

Javier Collado Ruano: Dear readers, today we have the opportunity to learn from a big thinker and activist located right now in São Paulo, Brazil. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you all the current Programme Director at Greenpeace Brazil, Annette Cotter. Thank you very much to attend us today, for our special […]

Global Citizenship Education: An Emerging Perspective for the Sustainable Development

versión castellano The twenty first century will not be easy for humanity. Speaking of sustainable development represents a radical humanist discourse and ethical worldview that conceives environmental question as an emergent element of The Limits to Growth that the Club of Rome would advocate in pioneer form since 1972. Speaking of sustainable development implies, indeed, […]

La Educación para la Ciudadanía Global: una perspectiva emergente para el desarrollo sostenible

English version El siglo XXI no será fácil para la humanidad. Hablar de desarrollo sostenible representa un discurso humanista radical y una cosmovisión ética que conciba la cuestión ambiental como un elemento emergente en los límites del crecimiento que el Club de Roma propugnaría de forma pionera desde el año 1972. Hablar de desarrollo sostenible […]


Dante Augusto Galeffi Professor associado IV da UFBA, professor permanente dos programas de pós-graduação em educação [email protected]     Resumo A questão ética tornou-se primacial em todos os setores da vida organizada a ponto de constituir-se como movente gerativo de uma ciência da complexidade que reintroduz o ser humano como operador do conhecimento segundo o […]

Conciencia global para las profundas transformaciones inaplazables

Federico Mayor Zaragoza Director General de la UNESCO 1987-1999 Presidente de la Fundación para una Cultura de Paz I No podemos seguir tolerando que cada día mueran de hambre y desamparo miles de seres humanos, la mayoría niños y niñas de 1 a 5 años, al tiempo que se invierten en gastos militares y armamento […]

Open Letter to Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s President

  In the lead-up to the World Cup and following a trip to Brazil in March, I wrote to President Dilma Rousseff, asking her to welcome and embrace the protests in Brazil as an opportunity to build a more just, diverse and free society.  While in Brazil I met with representatives from Amnesty International, Article […]

JUNE 5TH—World Environmental Day—Our call: PAY FORWARD

By Marta Benavides, GCAP Global Co Chair, and the Feminist Task Force/FTF, SIGLO XXIII Movement for Culture of Peace, El Salvador Today, given the very negative conditions of the World and the Planet, it is urgent to see and understand that the various crisis being faced by humanity and planet are deep, dangerous, urgent and […]

Agissons pour notre planète

English version Sonia Colasse Author the children bilingual book: “The Adventures of Enzo” e-mail: [email protected] website: La pollution de l’air a des effets variés sur la santé et sur l’environnement ; c’est un phénomène mondial.  Enzo qui a cinq ans découvre jour après jour, comment bien s’organiser pour que sa terre et celle de ses copains soit […]

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