African Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF)

Africa Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF) has identified culture as a measurable level of development of the human mind, which is the center of genuine and sustainable development. ACDF will sensitize African citizens globally to the importance of integrity in human development, advocate for African citizens’ to voluntarily embrace Rule of Law as a culture and a key for human activation and mobilization, to promote a disciplined culture and to raise awareness on the importance of citizens’ responsability as a necessary obligation for preserving the fundamental human rights of the African citizens.

ACDF will achieve this through special education, counseling, provision of scholarship, economic empowerment for women and other vulnerable citizens by creating related social enterprises and provision of micro financing with a view to relieving the continent from poverty, sickness and crime.

The ACDF educational project

It commenced in 1997 with the establishment of the Citizens Comprehensive College in Temu, a small community in the Lagosian suburb of Epe, Nigeria.

The College was established as a ‘low fee’ Co-educational private secondary school and a component of the ACDF youth development programme, to offer qualitative private education to eligible African children irrespective of social class or cultural differences.

The College is to propagate the tenets of discipline and reduce the vices of a disordered society on youth.

Every student admitted into Citizens College is registered as a Student Member of the ACDF and upon graduation become Life Members and future development partners. Hence, the low fee serves two purposes:
1. to make the school a low fee college and,
2. to serve as the ACDF stake in the development of its youth members and future development partners.

From 2004, when we graduated the first set of 33 students in a week-long ceremony to celebrate these youth who had been subjected to a rigorous training that goes beyond ordinary conventional educational training system, in order to immerse them into a new culture of discipline and prepare them adequately as future quality and dependable leaders. We continue to multiply our Life-Membership on an annual basis and, as at July 2011, we had a total number of 517 Life Members and Future Development Partners. Some of them have since finished their university education and are now pursuing their second degree or are working.

ACDF also plans to organize a forum annually for our Life members and the first platform will hold effective from 2012.

International Languages Development

Since 2003, ACDF has organized the English/French Languages Development (EFLD) programme as a part of its educational project within the West Africa sub-region where the two international languages are predominantly spoken as official languages. We have instituted a one year immersion programme for our students in Nigeria and Benin Republic to spend in either country acquiring a second international language as a medium of communication and connections. By and large, we have become the largest promoter of both languages in West Africa at the secondary school level and we have received several awards from the French Embassy in Nigeria for our continued effort in promoting the French language.

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