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Daughters for Life Foundation (DFL) is a registered Canadian charity that provides; Scholarships, Awards, and Fellowship programs to aspiring young women from the Middle East, irrespective of ethnicity or religious affiliation. DFL believes that empowering young women through quality education is the key to long lasting peace in the Middle East, and the rest of the world. Since its inception in 2010, DFL has helped over 300 young women from the Middle East to realize their potential.

The Daughters for Life Foundation provides its programs for aspiring young women living in the Middle East, to enable them to pursue studies otherwise inaccessible to them. Female students from Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, etc.… can access scholarships at the graduate and undergraduate level to study in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Bangladesh. The foundation also provides financial awards to assist students attending Middle Eastern Universities.

On January 2009, an Israeli tank shelled the home of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish in the Gaza Strip killing three of his daughters, Bessan, 21, Mayar, 15, and Aya, 13. That heartbreaking tragedy came minutes before Dr. Abuelaish spoke live on an Israeli TV program. His anguished cries for help captured hearts and headlines in Israel and around the world. It was Abuelaish’s response to the loss of his daughters that won him humanitarian awards around the world. Instead of seeking revenge or sinking into despair and hatred, Dr. Abuelaish has called for the people of the Middle East to stop the bloodshed and start talking to each other. His deepest hope is that his daughters will be the last sacrifice on the road to peace between Palestinians and Israelis. He founded Daughters for Life Foundation in 2010 in memory of his daughters in memory of his daughters and seeks to honor their love of life, learning, their hopes and dreams for an educated future.

Daughters for Life Foundation Contacts:

 Address:   158 Pearl Street, Suite 200 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

P. O. Box:   M5H 1L3
Tel:  +1 416 640 0246

Email:   info@daughtersforlife.com

Website:  www.daughtersforlife.com

Providing quality education for young women of the Middle East to achieve lasting peace

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