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Development Perspectives is a development NGO that explores, examines and acts upon a range of issues and challenges that face our world.

It is essentially a development education organisation that aims to involve people in the local and global development process.

A few observations about the world around us from our perspective –

•  The world is ever changing.

•  People around the world are interdependent as are the challenges that face them.

•  Presently, the world is a very unequal place to live. We can address and solve the challenges that face the world through individual and collective reflection and action.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world where people live in peace with each other, in harmony with nature, free from the shackles of hunger and poverty and who are willing to work together to bring about an equitable, just and sustainable world.

Our mission is to actively involve people in learning about and then tackling social, political, environmental and economic challenges through an educational process in local and global communities.

Globalisation and interdependence mean that ‘development’ is not something that happens exclusively or independently in ‘the South’ or outside our own European localities and societies. Development Education and Awareness Raising involve explicit attention to linkages between development issues and challenges here and elsewhere: building on an understanding of the commonality of development processes and interests throughout the world by engaging the public in experiences and creative responses that highlight the relevance of global development to local situations and vice versa”. (2007: 6)

Aims of Development Perspectives

  • Ensure Development Perspectives is an effective and sustainable learning organisation/network.
  • Provide high quality Development Education opportunities for adults and young people in the non formal learning arena across Ireland.
  • Involve and engage targeted groups of multipliers/agents of change in Development Education programmes to bring about a deeper knowledge of Development challenges and to implement effective actions to lessen poverty and inequality.
  • Build leadership capacity within communities at home and abroad by providing educational opportunity for people to become more socially entrepreneurial, innovative, sustainable, healthy and resilient.
  • Collaborate and work in partnership with multiple stakeholders involved in the Development sector at home and abroad in order to maximize effectiveness of Development work and to minimize duplication of efforts.

Our aim is to disturb some of the ideas that people may have about the world around us. Disturb may seem a harsh word to use, maybe provoke, debate or challenge are more suitable terms to use.  We as humans have formed views of the world around us and those views are in turn formed as a result of conditioning by parents, teachers, family, media, peers and eventually by ourselves.  We see what we want to see in order to support and validate our idea of what the world should look like.

Our hope is to encourage people to re evaluate their perspective, to see beyond the current reality that we find ourselves in and to find ways and means of making this world of ours a more just and equal place.

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