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Abstract: The modern age is characterized by fast development of science and technology requires a new orientation in human form, able to adapt easily and quickly to changes frequently faced. Time has shown that often a huge talent was wasted because it was grown and grown ever since childhood, when an attentive parent can help the child to do things that he likes, encourage innate skills. Society needs people who are creative communities cope with change, adapt to all that is new, assume responsibilities, take advantage of opportunities in various creative and find solutions to current problems. The activities with students must engage, guide, determine and motivate students to become involved in getting its own success. If students feel that others care about their progress and feel encouraged to work hard to achieve academic roles, are motivated to do their best to learn to read, to calculate, to develop other skills and talents and to remain in school.

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Talent is a gift that just discovered genetic and valued. Gifted children have primarily a very good memory, flirting with art, love scene and still outstanding results during small school or even earlier.

Developing communication skills in public since an early age is a necessity because it exempts child to experience the fear of public speaking as an adult, becoming more self-confident and assuring them an advantage in social and later in professional life. It is recognized that at this age the child more easily assimilate information and develop their new skills easier.

In addition, learning the techniques of public speaking since early means maintaining naturalness of expression as is observed that as they grow, people are losing their naturalness to combine with verbal nonverbal communication in daily communication.

It is said that every child is unique. For this reason it is appropriate to my desire to encourage, to support them in all they do, to stimulate their creativity and intelligence. For example I noticed that all my students are very talented in music, some real fine artistic qualities or amazing vocals, some are very good at math, have a great vocabulary and a very good education, are young budding actors , I can reveal stories through shadow theater, dance or recite. I learned so much about her first year of school and look forward to the excitement and discover together and the wonderful things they can do with my support and of course the beings who gave them life.

Theater education

By interpreting role play or verses, monologues and scenes we gives to the children the chance to build a new world, a world of freedom and joy, a world in which a seemingly trivial thing can become a public spectacle. The children are not professional actors, but they need to develop creativity, imagination, self-confidence, team spirit and not least learn to communicate.

Promoting youth values ​​through art, Global Education Magazine,

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Stimulating their imagination and creativity, the theater teaches children to know and accept as they are, to improvise, to be natural, it helps to overcome inferiority complex and difficult diction.

No each child can be shy or very active children, there are only team members with rules laid down by them democratically and as a principle unwritten but known by all: a good cooperation in the group. None can do no wrong. Each is respected personality and everyone understands it differently. There are no inhibitions and tolerance is taught every gesture or game.

I realized in reading classes some role play and mimicry which were meant to stimulate them beyond entertainment imagination and creative spirit, the desire to make a proper improvisation, to select what is relevant and understand and retain stories through play, without recognizing the effort, participating in these activities with pleasure and love them. By far the most popular were stories with animals. I met so varied and original interpretations of the characters in the story learned that you thought were different stories, a fox or a chick looked like no other, but have the personal touch of a small actor.

The environment in which children grow and develop should help him improve, cultivate their talents through extracurricular activities related to his passion. Time has shown that often a huge talent was wasted because it was grown and grown ever since childhood, when an attentive parent can help the child to do things that he likes, encourage innate skills.

The talent has no age, he just discovered and exploited. Gifted children have a very good memory, play with art, love scene and still outstanding results at an early age.

The band Fireflies debuted at the Festival Come to the theater! organized by Theatre for Children and Youth by sketch A boring story, an adaptation of Mircea Santmbreanu. Two of the four participants received awards for interpretation, it is the Tora that made a travesty of uncle interpretation and Calin who played role of nephew Mirciulică. As a reward, the four young artists were invited to open the show organized by the National College of Arts “Octav Bancila” at Open Days and the show success rewarded with applause from many guests.

Friday, April 5, 2013, the naturalness, the originality and the craftsmanship interpretative of two girls, Tora and Andreea, was rewarded with the trophy of the inter-county school theater contest You are invited to the theater! – Fourth edition in Ipoteşti-Suceava with the show A cat and a half.

The results are particularly valuable as they are worthwhile artistic talent of girls, who have only 7-8 years and manage to dominate the scene and the public, without emotions, supported only by the love and support of parents (mother of Tora composed the text) and of his teacher.

Education through painting, global Education MagazineEducation through painting

They say that beauty is unusual, timeless and ageless. Art is art and that is. And the artist learned in childhood that turns dreams and illusion in reality is just a messenger whose only merit is to accept to carry the pregnancy to the end. We believe therefore not unusual that such “spokespersons” to exist among children because the child does not deform but art plays clearer, cleaner, being carved by masters, life, goals and interests. It is expressed through images and reveal unexpected beauty by simply moving the brush playing with colors.

A child can play a piece of nature beauty skillfully weaving colors and musical notes, can sing, can dance or perform a play naturally and talent. Through a great combination of colors and shapes that kids combines naturalness with inspiration in their own way, making compositions of real artistic sensibility. Like the poet who, guided by inspiration, beautiful paper translates the heart, Tora, a girl of only 8 years old, feels the harmony of color and nature and playing with brush on canvas.

Tora, a mature and modest girl, which already has three personal exhibitions. we conquer and always amazes us by how beauty plays world and I wish that, over the years, you will become a famous artist, that I could recognize the works, leaving me guided by sensitivity and musicality that will continue to transmit viewers. Newer received his Golden Artist at International Competition Picasso Art Contest.


Because is a art school, the students in my class have varied talents: Carina and Martha are part of the Junior choir at Romanian Opera House and sing piano, Alexia do ballet and piano in competitions, Andrei has a great artistic sensitivity in interpreting piano sheet music, Vlad and Calin already claimed solfeggios the cello and Andreea has been awarded of two piano festivals and graduated Interpretative Mastery International, supported by Professor Andreeas Henkel from Dresden, Germany. She composed verses like Tora.

I can not say I did wonder but now my students are more courageous, more ambitious. They are happy to participate in new activities and even come with suggestions for improvement. Customize characters interpreted skits, reciting in a personal manner, dominating the scene, control their emotions when looking casually improvises a line and wait to get on stage and receive applause.

I love talking about my students always with love, appreciating their sensitivity, dreamy nature, inclination towards painting, singing or instrumental music, especially inner beauty. I learned from them that a smile can brighten your day, how important is creativity, how much you can learn “in play” and that it is not wrong to ask, to be curious and always try new activities.

In my opinion as a teacher means everything: love, dedication, professionalism, means joy in children’s eyes and unforgettable moments spent with her ​​successes and failures. I always wanted my students to open the way to new, to help them discover the unique things that they develop sensitivity, sense of beauty, to enter into a new world, different from that in which they live. If our students learn differently through creative activities, the personal discoveries and creative curiosity will certainly become responsible adults, able to face the challenges of contemporary society.

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This article was published on June 20th: World Refugee Day in Global Education Magazine.

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