The Value of Education for Refugee Livelihood

Callixte Kavuro University of Cape Town, Safety and Violence Initiative, Parliamentary Monitoring Group [email protected] . Abstract: Central to the development of humanity and community is education. Education is universally recognised as one of the essential human rights and economic freedoms. For economic progress, it is regarded as an indispensable vehicle of empowering the disadvantaged and […]

Reflecting on Refugees and Asylum-Seekers Tertiary Education in South Africa: Tension Between Refugee Protection and Education Transformation Policies

Callixte Kavuro Dip Jour (CMC ), LLB (UWC), LLM (UCT) [email protected] ` Abstract: As we celebrate the World Refugee Day at 62nd anniversary of the 1951 Refugee Convention relating to the Status of Refugee, there is 13 years when South Africa has committed itself to providing international protection and assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers and to promote […]

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