Qaryah Thayyibah: An Alternative School in Salatiga, Indonesia

Javier Collado talking with Ahmad Bahruddin in Salatiga, Indonesia. Javier Collado Ruano: Dear readers, it is a big pleasure to me to introduce you Mr. Ahmad Bahruddin, an experienced leader in Indonesia, who is working with a rich alternative educational project namely Qaryah Thayyibah Learning Community (QTLC) in the region of Salatiga, Indonesia. I have […]

Educar para una ciudadanía planetaria: Una perspectiva necesaria desde la que entender la Educación Ambiental

Olga Moreno Fernández Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación. Departamento de Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales y Sociales. Universidad de Sevilla (España) E-mail: [email protected] Dalva Maria Bianchini Bonotto Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” (Brasil). Instituto de Biociências. Departamento de Educação E-mail: [email protected] Resumen: La educación para una ciudadanía planetaria ofrece nuevas oportunidades educativas que […]

PROPAGATING PEACE IN INDONESIA: A Small Lesson from Peace Building Program in Multi-Ethnic groups in Konawe District

Mulyono Sardjono (YIS Surakarta, Indonesia) [email protected],com . . Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. This diversity is reflected in the form of the state which is the largest archipelago country in the world with about 17,500 islands, big and small islands with a population of around 245 million (estimated in […]

The Planetary Power of Peace

For PEACE, when all religions unite Will they help create a consciousness that PEACE is also a life-improving might? For PEACE when national governments everywere unite Will they help create a consciousness that PEACE is also a human right ? For PEACE, when educational systems everywhere unite Will they help create a consciousness that PEACE […]

12 Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Internacional

A realização anual do Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Internacional   (principal e maior evento temático do  país), que este ano será dedicado ao estudo do Direito Internacional frente aos Objetivos do Milênio da ONU,  permite que haja intercâmbio entre pesquisadores renomados e jovens pesquisadores que trazem para o evento suas teses e pesquisas dando fluidez […]

Interview with Annette Cotter: A New Perspective on Making Environmental Change

Javier Collado Ruano: Dear readers, today we have the opportunity to learn from a big thinker and activist located right now in São Paulo, Brazil. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you all the current Programme Director at Greenpeace Brazil, Annette Cotter. Thank you very much to attend us today, for our special […]

Open Letter to Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s President

  In the lead-up to the World Cup and following a trip to Brazil in March, I wrote to President Dilma Rousseff, asking her to welcome and embrace the protests in Brazil as an opportunity to build a more just, diverse and free society.  While in Brazil I met with representatives from Amnesty International, Article […]

Music Education in Brazil: Music as A Tool for the Complete Development of Students

Moisés Cantos Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Center of Culture and Arts e-mail: [email protected] web: . Abstract: Music in Brazil has always had a secondary importance on the chairs of the schools. Now, through a law created by the Brazilian government, starting on the second half of 2011 all the country’s elementary and high […]

TEDx Liberdade

O evento 23 de abril de 2014 Cine Joia, Praça Carlos Gomes, 82 – Sé, 01501-040, São Paulo, Brazil  ICNL and ECNL Announce TEDxLiberdade: The Power of Together  April 16, 2014 ICNL and the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL) are pleased to announce TEDxLiberdade: The Power of Together on April 23, 2014 in São […]

My Mom Is Part of a Long Line of Many Women With Big Hearts, Smiles and Endowed with Great Courage!

Sonia Colasse Author the children bilingual book: “The Adventures of Enzo” e-mail: [email protected] website: Français version   When I look at her, she expresses a life filled with adventure, full of emotion, sometimes grief and misfortune, but I keep in my memory her bursts of laughter and her happiness. However, I also know that before arriving […]

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