Monitoring the Greek Case during the Financial Crisis

  Athanasia Zagorianou Strathclyde University, Master in Human Rights Law, Researcher & Member, Trustees Council, Citizens’ Rights Watch (CRW) E-mail: [email protected], /  [email protected] . Abstract In the effort to inform, condemn and most importantly prevent global poverty this paper examines the promises and policies of Greek politicians during the Greek crisis and its social effects and consequences […]

The Necessity for Holistic Education in Economics and Business that Prepares Young Leaders for Sustainable Leadership within the 21st Century

Saskia Troy (MSc.) is a business economist specialised in Global Business and Stakeholder Management and amongst others Regional Coordinator Europe and Chapter Leader Netherlands Children of the Earth (NGO of the United Nations) and she is a member of the Working Group Sustainable Finance (Changing Finance, Financing Change) of the UNEP/World Resources Institute in Washington. […]

The Reversibility of Economic Social and Cultural Rights in Crisis Contexts

 Felipe Gómez Isa Lecturer in Public International Law and researcher for the human rights institute, Instituto de Derechos Humanos Pedro Arrupe at Deusto University, Bilbao, (Basque Country, Spain) e-mail: [email protected] / web: . Abstract: International human rights law has increasingly imposed clearer and more precise obligations on states in the area of ESCRs. But at the same […]

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