Author launches #LetsTalkLumos campaign for eight million children in institutions or orphanages, of whom over 80 per cent have living parents J.K. Rowling today urged some of the world’s largest international aid donors to use their financial might to eradicate institutions and orphanages that harm children. As Founder and President of the international children’s charity […]

The Divine Nature of Women Naturally – A Challenge of 21st Century

Rashmi Chandran  Founder & Chairperson, Natural Health and Environmental Research, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India E-mail: [email protected] / https://www.facebook.com/NHEROrg . Abstract: Woman is the embodiment of God’s creative power, Shakti. Woman embodies the feminine aspect of God, through which he created the creation. God placed within women divine qualities of strength, virtue, love, and the willingness to sacrifice to raise […]

Democracy, Sustainability and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Ashish Kothari Founder-member, Kalpavriksh e-mail: [email protected]   http://radicalecologicaldemocracy.wordpress.com / www.iccaconsortium.org Abstract: In the context of the ongoing review of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and their possible replacement by a new framework in 2015, it is important to highlight the issues of democracy, ecologically sustainability and socio-economic equity as being central to such a framework. This article puts forth ideas […]

Global Learning Academy: Wish List

Rubina Ali Chariperson at Global Learning Academy [email protected]  /  www.globallearningacademy.org . Lets see where it all began. I was living in USA(25 years) with my daughter and son and had no clue on how tough life is in the third world. As I went through the divorce and lost the luxury of having family, events, […]

On the Occasion of World Health Day. By Dr. Ala Alwan (WHO Regional Director for the eastern mediterranean)

DR ALA ALWAN WHO REGIONAL DIRECTOR FOR THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN     In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful On the Occasion of WORLD HEALTH DAY 7 April 2013   Today we are observing World Health Day. Every year WHO uses this occasion to highlight an important health issue. This year the theme […]

UNHCR’s work on HIV in the Americas

  In Latin America and the Caribbean there are around 3.6 million internally displaced persons and about 445,000 refugees / asylum seekers facing a series of challenges due to their displacement, a situation that exposes them to a risk and vulnerability to HIV. Border areas reports in most cases a higher HIV prevalence due to […]

World Health Day. Picture.

 This article was published on April7th: World Health Day in Global Education Magazine.

Desventuras de un Mondo Difficile. Mondo Difficile busca ayuda

This picture was published on April7th: World Health Day in Global Education Magazine.

Education: an Essential Component in Guaranteeing the Right to Health?

Cristina Sirur. Volunteer journalist for Doctors of the World Spain. e-mail: [email protected]   Mariana Ruiz de Lobera. Management of Knowledge and Learning Officer. Doctors of the World Spain. e-mail: [email protected]   A reflection from Doctors of the World Spain   Abstract: The following article is a reflection on how is the health situation in the […]

I Seminário Conhecimento, Inovação e Comunicação em Serviços de Saúde, Salvador de Bahia, Brasil

  Local: Auditório Campus Salvador do Instituto Federal da Bahia (IFBA), Barbalho, Salvador – Bahia Período: 06 e 07 de junho de 2013. Público alvo: Estudantes, docentes, pesquisadores, profissionais, empresários, financiadores e gestores de serviços de saúde públicos e privados, e demais atores envolvidos com o desenvolvimento de inovações em serviços do complexo industrial da saúde. […]

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