PROPAGATING PEACE IN INDONESIA: A Small Lesson from Peace Building Program in Multi-Ethnic groups in Konawe District

Mulyono Sardjono (YIS Surakarta, Indonesia) [email protected],com . . Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. This diversity is reflected in the form of the state which is the largest archipelago country in the world with about 17,500 islands, big and small islands with a population of around 245 million (estimated in […]

Pachamama: una iniciativa de educación para la paz

   Mª Carmen Moreno Luna Diplomada en Magisterio de Educación Infantil. Cofundadora del la Asociación Juvenil Acción Solidaria para el Cambio Social e-mail: [email protected]  Miguel Ángel Moreno Luna Estudiante de Educación Social, miembro del Colectivo Docente Internacional de Innovación y Praxis Educativa INNOVAGOGIA. Cofundador del la Asociación Juvenil Acción Solidaria para el Cambio Social. e-mail: […]

Global Education Week 2012

  Global Education Week 2012 “MOVING TOWARDS ONE WORLD ! ” The European Global Education Week is an annual awareness raising event encouraging global education practices in the member States of the Council of Europe and beyond. Global Education (which encompasses development education, human rights education, intercultural education, peace education and conflict resolution) works on […]

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