Laura Sampietro Universidad Externado, Colombia, Specialization in International Cooperation [email protected] . Sommario: I paesi europei non sembrano essere in grado di gestire il grande flusso di migranti provenienti dall’Africa. Nel caso analizzato, lo stato italiano sembra non disporre degli strumenti idonei per la tutela dei diritti dei rifugiati e in generale nessun governo ha preso […]

‘Post-2015 Development Agenda’: Invest in Refugee Education to Expand Human Capacity

David Dickson Executive Director-Kenya at International Council for Education [email protected] . An analysis of the Programme of Action of the 1994 United Nations International Conference on Population and Development and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) leads one to conclude that it is difficult to assess the […]

Global Education Magazine: World Health Day (April 7th 2013)

Download the magazine here Human Health is a reflection of Earth Health. It is essential to share knowledge to uplift our bonds and renew the spirit-consciousness in every corner of the planet. In Global Education Magazine we stand up for Global Health as a fundamental way to reach human happiness. Namaste! The main goal of the […]

UBUNTU Cosmic Energy: the Ethical Basis for Future Worldists

Namaste! The main goal of the Global Education Magazine is to unite the cooperative efforts of the individual-society-specie for the creation of inter-ethnic dialogues that derive in the construction of a collective intelligence focused on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Like an isolated neuron or an ant, which cannot contribute categorically to the network […]

On the Occasion of World Health Day. By Dr. Ala Alwan (WHO Regional Director for the eastern mediterranean)

DR ALA ALWAN WHO REGIONAL DIRECTOR FOR THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN     In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful On the Occasion of WORLD HEALTH DAY 7 April 2013   Today we are observing World Health Day. Every year WHO uses this occasion to highlight an important health issue. This year the theme […]

Health in United Nations: Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Declaration, sets out an historic commitment to eradicate extreme poverty and improve the health of the world’s poorest people by 2015. The Declaration and the resulting internationally agreed targets for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) place health squarely at the centre of the international development agenda and champion it as a key driver […]

Education: an Essential Component in Guaranteeing the Right to Health?

Cristina Sirur. Volunteer journalist for Doctors of the World Spain. e-mail: [email protected]   Mariana Ruiz de Lobera. Management of Knowledge and Learning Officer. Doctors of the World Spain. e-mail: [email protected]   A reflection from Doctors of the World Spain   Abstract: The following article is a reflection on how is the health situation in the […]

Constellation of Twinned NGOs-Schools: A Symphony of Interpersonal Solidarity

Spanish Version . Available for blinds  Welcome to Global Education Magazine! This is a consciousness raiser project founded to humanize educational activities by means of pedagogical efforts, which will definitely set the beat of peaceful melodies of the 21st century. Harmonious melodies of social, individual and anthropological metamorphosis, which will represent the polyphonic-epistemological basis, in […]

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Towards a Culture of Peace and Sustainable Development Drawing From A Philippine Experience. By Cecile Guidote-Alvarez.

CECILE GUIDOTE-ALVAREZ UNESCO Artist for Peace, 2003 / UNESCO DREAM Center 2011 President, International Theatre Institute’s Cultural Identity and Development Committee Delivered October 16, 2012 at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris All of us here in Paris: Goodwill Ambassadors, Artists for Peace and Champions for Sports in this historic gathering are committed to help carry out the […]

Pachamama: una iniciativa de educación para la paz

   Mª Carmen Moreno Luna Diplomada en Magisterio de Educación Infantil. Cofundadora del la Asociación Juvenil Acción Solidaria para el Cambio Social e-mail: [email protected]  Miguel Ángel Moreno Luna Estudiante de Educación Social, miembro del Colectivo Docente Internacional de Innovación y Praxis Educativa INNOVAGOGIA. Cofundador del la Asociación Juvenil Acción Solidaria para el Cambio Social. e-mail: […]

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