E.J. Krause Tarsus Events LLC announce first joint venture launch in Mexico

Tarsus Group and EJ Krause are pleased to announce the launch of GESS Mexico to serve the burgeoning education sector. Tarsus, through its subsidiary F&E Education, are the organisers of the renowned Global Education Supplies & Solutions Exhibition (GESS) in Dubai and the new launch event in Mexico will build on this established brand. GESS […]


GIORGIO ARMANI CONTINUES THE PARTNERSHIP WITH GREEN CROSS TO SUPPORT PROJECTS IN SRI LANKA, IVORY COAST AND SENEGAL FOR FIRST TIME Giorgio Armani is expanding its successful Acqua for Life campaign in partnership with Green Cross International for the fourth consecutive year, targeting water-scarce communities in West Africa, Latin America and, for the first time, […]

Reflections for the 21st Century: On How to Discern on the Importance of International Women’s Day

 By Marta Benavides, GCAP Global Co Chair, and the Feminist Task Force/FTF, SIGLO XXIII Movement for Culture of Peace, El Salvador . The International day of Women was created in recognition and to celebrate the Rights of women workers, in order to promote their participation in the struggle for equity and equality, which presently is one […]

ACNUR: La igualdad es un derecho, la aceptación una decisión

Diana Díaz Rodríguez Asistente Regional de Información Pública ACNUR Colombia . El 10 de diciembre de 1948 se firmó la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos reconociendo que todas las personas nacen libres y en condiciones de dignidad e igualdad de derechos. Sin embargo, 66 años después, actos de discriminación y violencia siguen provocando la […]

My Mom Is Part of a Long Line of Many Women With Big Hearts, Smiles and Endowed with Great Courage!

Sonia Colasse Author the children bilingual book: “The Adventures of Enzo” e-mail: soloinfinity.ws@gmail.com website: www.soloinfinty.com/enzo Français version   When I look at her, she expresses a life filled with adventure, full of emotion, sometimes grief and misfortune, but I keep in my memory her bursts of laughter and her happiness. However, I also know that before arriving […]

Interview with Marta Benavides: “Human Rights and 23rd Century Movement”

  Javier Collado Ruano: Today, 10thDecember 2013, we celebrate the 65º anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For this reason, we have a special person with us to commemorate it. Allow me to introduce Ms. Marta Benavides, a good friend from El Salvador and an international activist working on culture of peace, sustainability, inclusiveness, […]


Find us: www.facebook.com/migrantsmatter  migrants-matter.blogspot.com      @MigrantsMatter on Twitter What is Migrants Matter? Migrants Matter is an advocacy campaign led by students from close to 40 countries. Before we thought of launching a campaign, we talked, like most students do. We talked about boys, girls, wine, movies, music… And we talked about the challenges facing […]

Face to Face: Global Understanding Through Personal and Virtual Contact

Judith Beth Cohen Professor, School of Education, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. Jcohen@lesley.edu . Abstract: Based on travel-study experiences in Ghana, Peru, South Africa and other sites, Cohen discusses the positive effects of short-term travel study immersion for students and faculty. Citing research studies that explore global attitudes of participants after such travel, Cohen makes a […]

Los refugiados también existen en las Américas

Francesca Fontanini Oficial regional de información pública de ACNUR Américas fontanin@unhcr.org . Cuando hablamos de los refugiados y desplazados que hay en el mundo, 43 millones, la primera imagen que viene a nuestra mente es un campamento en África. Pero no tenemos que olvidar que, de esta cifra, hay más de 400,000 personas refugiadas con […]

Building Resilience Through the Child-to-Child Approach

Celine Woznica Director of Child-to-Child/Americas, University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health e-mail: nanamericas@gmail.com web: www.child-to-child.org . Abstract: Resilience in children is the ability to recover from traumatic experiences and develop the skills to overcome future challenges. In dealing with adversities, children draw from personal strengths often divided into external (I have), internal (I am), […]

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