Construyendo paz desde las aulas. Estrategias de Educación para la Paz en Montes de María, Colombia

Lina Margarita Perea Mojica Universidad del Rosario, Facultades de Ciencia Política, Gobierno y de Relaciones Internacionales. e-mail: [email protected] . Resumen: Este artículo pretende exponer algunas de las estrategias de educación encaminadas a la construcción de paz, que han surgido en el seno de la Escuela Normal Superior, ubicada en el municipio de San Juan de Nepomuceno en la […]

Astrobiological Foundations of Humanity: The Origin of the Cosmodern Consciousness

An uranium gun-type atomic bomb (Little Boy) was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Javier Collado attended celebrations of Peace for 69º anniversary. Versión castellano It is urgent to develop the understanding, skills and values to cooperate in the resolution of armed conflicts still present in the 21st Century. There are not political boundaries for environmental degradation effects […]

Global Education as a Transformative Learning

Prof. Dr. Alicia Cabezudo      [email protected]  Consultant on Global Education / North South Centre of the Council of Europe / Lisboa International Peace Bureau – IPB Geneva. Vice President School of Education / University of Rosario. Rosario, Argentina . There is a lot of terminology associated with the process of developing a new consciousness […]

Peace Education Worldwide: The Radijojo World Children’s Media Network Experience

Thomas Röhlinger  Dipl.-Soz. Thomas Röhlinger , MBA. Founder & Editor in Chief Radijojo World Children’s Media Network. “Global expert” of UN Alliance of Civilizations. Winner of Communication for Sustainable Social Change Award University of Massachussets Amherst  e-mail: [email protected]  / web: . Abstract: Radijojo World Children’s Media Network (in short: Radijojo) is a multi-award-winning NGO connecting […]

Peace Dies, Boko Haram Rises

Athanasia Zagorianou Strathclyde University, Master in Human Rights Law, Researcher & Member, Trustees Council, Citizens’ Rights Watch (CRW) E-mail: [email protected], /  [email protected] . Abstract: This article examines the profile of the militant terrorist organization Boko Haram and the measures that the Nigerian government took to prevent the actions of this organization across Nigeria. With goal […]

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