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Dadaab Refugees Fear Repatriation will deny them the Right and Freedom to University Education

Mugo Mugo Conflict Researcher and Co-Founder of African Media Initiative on Development (AMID-Africa). Masters of Arts Student of Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation at Innsbruck University March 2014. Holder of Masters Degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from UN’s-Mandated University for Peace (2012). e-mail: patrickmaragi@gmail.com / web: @PMugoMugo . Abstract: Among the refugee community […]

The Value of Education for Refugee Livelihood

Callixte Kavuro University of Cape Town, Safety and Violence Initiative, Parliamentary Monitoring Group callixtekav@gmail.com . Abstract: Central to the development of humanity and community is education. Education is universally recognised as one of the essential human rights and economic freedoms. For economic progress, it is regarded as an indispensable vehicle of empowering the disadvantaged and […]

2013 UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award: Sister Angélique Namaika

Inspirational Congolese Nun Wins UN Refugee Agency top Honour UNHCR Announces 2013 Nansen Refugee Award Laureate Geneva, 17 September, 2013 – The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today announces that this year’s winner of the Nansen Refugee Award is a Congolese nun who has helped hundreds of female rape and […]

World Refugee Day: the Hidden Truth of Refugees

World Refugee Day: The Hidden Truth of Refugees from Global Education Magazine on Vimeo.   Balata Camp is the largest refugee camp in the West Bank The area is 0.25 km2. The population registered by the UNRWA are 26,500 but the real number in the camp are 28,000. The unemployment rate in Balata camp is […]

Refugees: the Dreamed Return

Ruth Marjalizo Refugees Section Manager ruth.mg@globaleducationmagazine.com Spanish Version World Refugee Day: The Hidden Truth of Refugees from Global Education Magazine on Vimeo. Refugee is a term increasingly used in everyday language. The civil war in Syria is a major current example, but that definition is not new, as refugees have existed throughout the last century. […]

Los refugiados también existen en las Américas

Francesca Fontanini Oficial regional de información pública de ACNUR Américas fontanin@unhcr.org . Cuando hablamos de los refugiados y desplazados que hay en el mundo, 43 millones, la primera imagen que viene a nuestra mente es un campamento en África. Pero no tenemos que olvidar que, de esta cifra, hay más de 400,000 personas refugiadas con […]

Reflecting on Refugees and Asylum-Seekers Tertiary Education in South Africa: Tension Between Refugee Protection and Education Transformation Policies

Callixte Kavuro Dip Jour (CMC ), LLB (UWC), LLM (UCT) callixtekav@gmail.com ` Abstract: As we celebrate the World Refugee Day at 62nd anniversary of the 1951 Refugee Convention relating to the Status of Refugee, there is 13 years when South Africa has committed itself to providing international protection and assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers and to promote […]


Laura Sampietro Universidad Externado, Colombia, Specialization in International Cooperation laura.sampietro1@gmail.com . Sommario: I paesi europei non sembrano essere in grado di gestire il grande flusso di migranti provenienti dall’Africa. Nel caso analizzato, lo stato italiano sembra non disporre degli strumenti idonei per la tutela dei diritti dei rifugiati e in generale nessun governo ha preso […]

Administrative challenges and IDPs in Odisha: experience from Subernarekha irrigation project, India

Madhulika Sahoo Senior Research Fellow, Anthropological Survey of India, Nagpur and former Refugee studies graduate of University of East London madhulika.sahoo@hotmail.co.uk  . The morning was quite, birds were chirping on the trees Sun was bright, stream water trying to break the paths to hose the dry roots Women getting ready to go for the daily […]

Why is the Destruction of Women, as Women, a Reality, But Absent in International law?

Kali Goldstone Human Rights/Refugee Lawyer e-mail: omkali78@gmail.com . Abstract: Gender persecution is “aggression against and exploitation of women, because [they] are women, systemically and systematically.” Even though women can be abused similarly to the ways in which men are abused, women are also violated in specific ways in which men are not. Women are routinely violated every […]

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