A Race to the Future

Woroud Sawalha at the 2012 Olympic Games in London Ruth Marjalizo: Hello everybody from Nablus, West Bank. Today, I am going to interview Woroud Sawalha. As you might know, she was the first female representing Palestine in the London Olympic Games 2012. Assalamu ‘alaikum Woroud, thank you so much for being with us while you are busy with your exams. […]

Pachamama: una iniciativa de educación para la paz

   Mª Carmen Moreno Luna Diplomada en Magisterio de Educación Infantil. Cofundadora del la Asociación Juvenil Acción Solidaria para el Cambio Social e-mail: [email protected]  Miguel Ángel Moreno Luna Estudiante de Educación Social, miembro del Colectivo Docente Internacional de Innovación y Praxis Educativa INNOVAGOGIA. Cofundador del la Asociación Juvenil Acción Solidaria para el Cambio Social. e-mail: […]

What is global education about?

 Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti,   Professor of Global Education  [email protected] The letter below written by Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, professor of global education at the University of Oulu, exemplifies the urgency for education to enlarge possibilities for thinking and relating to each other in complex, uncertain, plural and deeply unequal societies. Dear Mr. Obama, 44th President […]

Perfect Union

“Together for a better World“ Respect all individuals no matter their:  – Ethnicity or Race - Colour  – Religion  – Gender A global vision of the World but a Human dimension. By welcoming and giving great appreciation to Culture of others nations that are in line with Human Rights and Peacekeeping. DEFEND […]

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