ACNUR y TOTTO lanzan una campaña innovadora por la niñez para el Día Mundial del Refugiado

LA VUELTA AL MUNDO EN UNA MOCHILA Para rendir homenaje y solidarizarnos con cada una de las personas que han tenido que huir por causa del conflicto armado y la violencia, el Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados ACNUR celebra desde el 2001, cada 20 junio, el Día Mundial del Refugiado. La […]

Increasing Women and Community Knowledge About Gender Issues and their Capabilities to End VAW in Sudan

Huwayda Mohamed Ibrahim Projects designer and developer at Consultancy office at Sudan [email protected] .   Women are still suffering from marginalization, different types of violence, exclusion and social injustice especially, in the rural areas and from the sense of superiority they are being treated with, in the conservative societies. The vast majority remain suffering under […]

Administrative challenges and IDPs in Odisha: experience from Subernarekha irrigation project, India

Madhulika Sahoo Senior Research Fellow, Anthropological Survey of India, Nagpur and former Refugee studies graduate of University of East London [email protected]  . The morning was quite, birds were chirping on the trees Sun was bright, stream water trying to break the paths to hose the dry roots Women getting ready to go for the daily […]

Education on the Frontline. By Irina Bokova.

    Article by Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO for Global Education Magazine “Education on the Frontline” January 2013 . . . . Official photo, Director-General, Irina Bokova – There are today 28 million primary school-age children, and as many or more young people, living in conflict areas and denied the chance to learn. This […]

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Cultura de Paz y No-violencia

Versión inglesa (English Version) El año 2000 fue el inicio de una década para una gran movilización mundial orientada a transformar, entre todos, una cultura de guerra y violencia en una Cultura de Paz y no violencia. Según la definen las Naciones Unidas, la Cultura de Paz es un conjunto de valores, actitudes, modos de comportamiento y […]

Culture of Peace and Non-Violence

Spanish Version (Versión castellano) The United Nations, a respected world body and forum for global issues, including peace and security, is once again a leader in pressing societies for the establishment of initiatives promoting reconciliation. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization acting as the lead UN agency, is promoting the International Decade for a Culture of Peace […]

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