Un modelo de sostenibilidad ambiental y social como base para el bienestar humano presente y futuro

César Emilio Valdivieso París Profesor egresado de la Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador, Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Correo Electrónico personal: valdivieso2000@hotmail.com / Página Web: www.benesuelo.blogspot.com .. Resumen: El propósito del presente artículo es el de proponer la elaboración de un modelo didáctico de sociedad sostenible, sustancialmente diferente al paradigma actual caracterizado tanto por el crecimiento exponencial de los indicadores […]

Summer Schools@EXPO2015, Bicocca lancia la formazione internazionale sui temi dell’Esposizione

Tra maggio e ottobre partono 23 corsi di una o due settimane in lingua inglese dedicati agli studenti internazionali: tra i temi cibo e diritti, cultura, sostenibilità e salute. Lezioni nel Campus Bicocca, alla Lake Como School e nel Centro di ricerca e formazione dell’Ateneo alle Maldive. Impegnati oltre 100 docenti e ricercatori per più […]


Learning from the Nature in the Banaue Rice Terraces of the Philippines. Versión castellana Solidarity is a trans-dimensional phenomenon that goes beyond the ontological essence of human nature. In fact, when we analyze the connections between the microcosm and the macrocosm, we perceive that human beingsare not involved in chaos and arbitrariness, but belongs to […]

Aichi-Nagoya Declaration on Education for Sustainable Development: Shaping the Future We Want

Shaping the Future We Want UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) FINAL REPORT   This Report comes at a critical time as UN Member States prepare to conclude negotiations on the global post-2015 agenda and launch a set of sustainable development goals. Deep economic and social inequalities, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, disruption caused by […]

JUNE 5TH—World Environmental Day—Our call: PAY FORWARD

By Marta Benavides, GCAP Global Co Chair, and the Feminist Task Force/FTF, SIGLO XXIII Movement for Culture of Peace, El Salvador Today, given the very negative conditions of the World and the Planet, it is urgent to see and understand that the various crisis being faced by humanity and planet are deep, dangerous, urgent and […]

Educação para a Sustentabilidade, Educação Ambiental, Educação Global…qual educação queremos?

  Valdir Lamim-Guedes Educadores sem Fronteiras (Brasil) e-mail: dirguedes@yahoo.com.br web: http://www.educadoressemfronteiras.org.br/  . Resumo: O Dia Mundial do Meio Ambiente é uma oportunidade de destaque internacional que busca estimular a ação e conscientização global em prol do meio ambiente. Neste sentindo, surgem questionamentos sobre como inserir a temática ambiental em ações educativas, sem deixar de lado […]

The Story of the Green Lane Environmental Diary: Uniting Children and Cultures through Environmental Education

Katy Orell Green Cross International e-mail: communication@gci.ch web: www.gcint.org . Abstract: The Green Lane Environmental Diary program, founded in 1999 by Green Cross, is a school-based educational initiative promoting sustainable development and inspiring students to become agents of transformative change in their own communities. The initiative underscores a central aim of the Earth Charter Declaration to “provide […]

Global Sustainability Solutions

glossolutions.com ‘Global Sustainability Solutions’ is a reservoir of sustainable solutions that integrates expertise from commercial and non-commercial organizations to bring out the collective strength to achieve a sustainable world. While it provides a pool of global experts, it’s multi-disciplinary partnerships including business organizations, non-governmental organizations, research organizations, media agencies, community groups and other organizations strengthens the movement to create […]

Democracy, Sustainability and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Ashish Kothari Founder-member, Kalpavriksh e-mail: chikikothari@gmail.com   http://radicalecologicaldemocracy.wordpress.com / www.iccaconsortium.org Abstract: In the context of the ongoing review of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and their possible replacement by a new framework in 2015, it is important to highlight the issues of democracy, ecologically sustainability and socio-economic equity as being central to such a framework. This article puts forth ideas […]

Are we learning enough life?

Anna Barchetti Durisch Mentor, public speaker and education specialist e-mail: anna@helioslife.org web: helioslife.org . A new paradigm for an effective and sustainable education system, going beyond teaching of mathematics and history. Are money and success the only factors, the only drives? Education for Life, Education for Happiness: these are the tools that can lead us towards a […]

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