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Forever Kids Kenya

www.foreverkidskenya.com Forever Kids Kenya is a registered Swiss non-profit organization with the aim of promoting quality basic education among underprivileged kids in urban slums of Kenya. Every child has the right to basic school education. Many kids are deprived of this basic human right due to a life in impoverished conditions and a lack of […]

Health in United Nations: Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Declaration, sets out an historic commitment to eradicate extreme poverty and improve the health of the world’s poorest people by 2015. The Declaration and the resulting internationally agreed targets for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) place health squarely at the centre of the international development agenda and champion it as a key driver […]

El valor de la Educación Global como motor de cambio para erradicar la pobreza y alcanzar un Desarrollo Sostenible

El Sr. Sha Zukang, Secretario-General de Rio+20, felicitando a Javier Collado El Presidente de la ONGD Educar para Vivir (España), Javier Collado, fue invitado por las Naciones Unidas para participar en las Conferencias Internacionales sobre Desarrollo Sostenible, denominadas Rio+20, tras haber presentado la propuesta de reforma educativa a nivel mundial: “El valor de la Educación Global como motor […]

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