The World is Changing. Are you? Volunteer!

Richard Dictus Executive Coordinator United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day (IVD) 5 December 2015 . – This year’s International Volunteer Day (IVD) theme, “The world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!” is challenging each and every one of us to be part of implementing the newly launched Global Goals. […]

International #Volunteer Day 2015 – A Universal Introspective Approach

Ms. Akke M. Draijer-de Jong is initiator and co-founder of the Foundation Kebon Sepatu Indonesia-Netherlands. She leads a team of experts in the field of Educational Projects in Indonesia and is the liaison officer and spokesperson for the Team of Directors in th  e Netherlands. [email protected] – . Abstract The concept thought was officially established by the […]

Global Education Magazine: International #Volunteer Day

Download here Global Education Magazine – International Volunteer Day . “All that is not given is lost” Indian Proverb .. The Ecological and Social Footprint: A Challenge for Global Citizenship La huella ecológica y social: un desafío para la ciudadanía mundial Javier Collado Ruano, Director of Edition   International Volunteer Day, Salimatou Fatty Interview with Ms. […]

ELSA – take your future in your own hands!

  By Natalia Buczek Young Volunteer at ELSA [email protected]   European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) is an international, independent, non-political, non-profit-making organization run by and for students. ELSA was founded in 1981 in Vienna by representative from Poland, Hungary, Austria and Germany. The organization was created to strengthen international relations and a better understanding in that time, which was difficult on political and legal […]

Global Education Magazine: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17th, 2012)

  Download the magazine here This edition is dedicated to the memory of the 15 million people who die every year of hunger, treatable diseases, and other conditions related to poverty on our planet. People who publish items on this magazine take their lives seriously.   Global Education Magazine is inspired in the universal values of the Declaration of Emerging […]

The Humanist Quantum Interference: Towards the “Homo Conscienciatus”

Available for blinds  Versión en español Welcome to Global Education Magazine! A digital magazine inspired in the universal values of the Declaration of Emerging Human Rights that aims to contribute to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by United Nations (MDGs), which is supported by the Regional Offices of Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO […]

Philantrophic Formation Throughout Volunteering

 Available for blinds  Global Education Magazine was founded as a magazine that aims to cover all areas related to education to create a network of knowledge and experience that provides a bank of ideas to be put at the service of all the professionals of the pedagogy of the world. Included in this network of knowledge that gives […]


INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER SERVICE While building an awareness of global citizenship in our schools, along with the new subject: Global Education proposed by the Council of Europe (and with our proposal of Worldlogy in the universities) we could view also informal and non-formal education as an engine of change to create a peaceful society through international cooperation. How? We […]

Educar Para Vivir – Una experiencia crítica de voluntariado internacional.

  El equipo pedagógico de Educar para Vivir, con los profesores Javier Collado Ruano y José María Barroso Tristán como coordinadores, se complacen en presentar el Documental: Una experiencia crítica de Voluntariado Internacional. sobre la experiencia en el proyecto de Cooperación Internacional sobre la “Mejora de las condiciones de salud básica y la calidad educativa […]

Exposición de fotos “Educar para vivir: hacia una educación global y planetaria”

  El equipo de Educar para Vivir se complace en presentar la exposición fotográfica “EDUCAR PARA VIVIR: HACIA UNA EDUCACIÓN GLOBAL Y PLANETARIA”, que se celebró en la CASA DE LA CULTURA del día 10 al 26 de febrero de 2012. La finalidad del Profesor Javier Collado es contribuir a la consecución de los objetivos […]

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