TheReformist: Repositioning Conventional Thinking

TheReformist, Repositioning Conventional Thinking
As its name suggests, the company was founded out of the need to facilitate a new generation of independent thinkers. Furthermore, it seeks to provide young Africans with quality and well researched knowledge that will further help accelerate youth empowerment for sustainable development.
In view of that, we created a platform through which young people across Africa could be affiliated to global educational opportunities, social-change leadership and local solution driven entrepreneurial prospects. In pursuant to this, we created SmartMoves Magazine in order to produce a publication full of rigorous, independent and informative content, on issues that are essential to the growth of the African Continent.

A very limited number of youth are intrigued by International Affairs or Developmental Issues, our publication opens young people’s minds and equips them with skills that drive improvement. For instance, the success of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa will tell the rest of the world much about the ability of Africa to lead itself.

Therefore, we encourage interaction through opinion pieces, essay competitions and debates. We feature content that is inspired by universal values of the Declaration of Human Rights that aims to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by the United Nations (MDGs). That includes, but not limited to education opportunities, investment prospects, diverse career choices, climate change, gender, socio-economic issues, youth empowerment, health, poverty eradication and human capital development

  1. Our Vision
  2. To create robust visionaries, with a civil-will to drive their countries forward
  3. Our Mission

To harness youth empowerment, in order to create and implement sustainable economic development.

Our Goals

  • To build a forum for knowledge generation and translation into relevant youth development
  • To enable our scholarship grant concept to successfully integrate sustainability considerations into investment decisions
  • To stimulate research interests that offers unique perspectives, innovation and practicality.
  • To establish and drive collective action initiatives that creates innovative solutions to address the root causes

Benjamin Carson made an important statement regarding the importance of young people and educating them: “Education is a fundamental principle of what made America a success. We cannot afford to throw young people away.” In this quote the magnitude of the youth and the value of education become clear. You cannot grow with a stagnant youth. Education opens young people’s minds and equips them with skills that drive improvement. They challenge challenges and find answers to old questions.

It is for that reason we invite contributions from young people interested in contributing to the achievement of the MDGs. We are honing ideas from young people bold enough to diligently reform structures that affect society at large. This will be achieved through essay competitions in order to compile a well-structured and cross-referenced collection of concise, readable documents that together make a clearly-argued case for reform and propose practical measures to be taken.


Our publication SmartMoves Magazine provides the most interactive platform for aspiring young leaders, academics, scientists, technologists, authors, social innovators, and entrepreneurs with innovative ways to influence and meet influence, become connected with life changing opportunities and be part of debates geared towards positive social change.

Moreover, your involvement gives you access to reams of inspiring stories, brilliant insight and inspirational people through our platform, events and publications. Every SmartMoves Magazine Subscriber also automatically becomes a social investor – not only because we are structured as a social business so our profits go towards building better products and services – but also because a proportion of all subscriptions goes into social investment such as scholarships for tertiary education, career guidance, study tours, leadership and entrepreneurial workshops.

In summary, TheReformist aims to bring together people who are serious about taking action towards positive social change. The devastating events of violent conflict geared at social transformation inspired our concept to encourage MOVING SMARTLY towards sustainable development and our implementation tool is SmartMoves Magazine

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