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Water scarcity: Asia is the contient most at risk because it is where all humanity resides. Already over a billion people lack of clean water (1.2 billion people with no drinking water)- In the future expect 2/3 of the planet to be without water (4-5 billions): Pakash Pa tells more http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/prakashp-300635-water-india-pollution-ppt-scarcuty-related-indian-website-science-technology-powerpoint/

If clean water has always existed, less and less water is available due to pollutions (Hazards : Physical, chemical and biological). In the past, the best way to clean water was to leave the natural environment to selfrecycle its own water flows. http://www.forbes.com/sites/amywestervelt/2012/09/26/three-ways-to-solvethe-water-crisis-now/

Today, due to population growth, water uses -think making a Jean trouser uss 10,000 liters of water-a full water truck…- This water is frozen. It cannot be used. Unless we pay the price to clean (which is becoming less likely today). It costs to clean water twice as much as the first glass of water. http://www.yorkshirewater.com/yourwater-services/water-meters/water-meter-calculator.aspx

I want to present you the Corporate Sustainable Officer (Analogy with Chief Financial Officer – CFO- and Chief Executitive Officer- CEO-)-To be found in Green businesses.

Some guidelines from CODATA outcomes – Thanks to Horst Kremers http://www.codata.org/recalling us the ignored world of disaster reduction in a world versed into to technologies

1Sacred values: the indigenous people know better how to conserve the water.

2- Narrative stories: help to redue cost of risks: in Tsunami Dec, 26, 2004 the world is awaken by a huge noise of the giant mega wave-Best one is dust bowl.

3- Nexus for changes with the Geo information System (GIF), which is mainly data acquistion, treament and information transmittted should not leave beside people, http://www.practicalmanagement.com/Organization-Development/Organization-fundamentals.html

4- Emerging country needs for GIS platform is paramount Myself , I used Google map for searching a road map in a foreign country or estimating a number of combattants I would send in a war- Google map just work perfectly well, when countries allow the coverage. http://maps.google.fr/

5- Advertisement and information on megal risk: global, terrorism, outerspace diseases…(Good point on these Mega risks, 1000 people passed close to Russia). http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/15/us-russiameteorite-idUSBRE91E05Z20130215

6- Perception of disasters: it is cutural and also, invidual motivation played an increase role – Take for example policies to legalize cannabis and its impacts http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/about/programs/globaldrug-policy-program

7-Role of Twitter in disaster: during a risk event, map records showed a densification of the tweets in the hazard zones https://twitter.com/DisasterForms

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