Women’s Environmental Development and Training (WEDAT)

Women’s Environmental Development and Training (WEDAT) is an association apolitical and non-profit making, founded in Buea (Cameroon) in 1996.

WEDAT is also an “NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations”.

Our organs are:

The General Assembly – supreme organ that unites all members in ordinary session once per year to take decisions: adoption of the general orientations, election of the National Bureau, approval of the activity and financial reports, budget, strategic plan, etc.

The National Bureau (National President, Secretary General, Treasurer, and members) – under the authority of the National President, it’s the technical organ in charge of the implementation and the  follow-up of the decisions taken by the General Assembly. It defines policies and strategy of the association: selection of actions to carry out, allocations of resources, control and validation of the daily management presented by the Secretary General, etc. It engages the association and prepares the General Assemblies, ordinary and extraordinary.
The Support/Volunteer staff – recruited as need by the National Bureau, it assists the Secretary General in its functions of daily management of the association, planning, implementation and monitoring of the projects, etc.
The Regional Branches – created as need by the National Bureau, they ensure the functioning of the association at the regional level. Their competences are limited to the regions. They are managed by the Head of Regional Branches, designated by the National President and placed under the authority of the Secretary General.


The person is an instrument and the finality of development. WEDAT thinks that the development vision to be realized in Cameroon by 2035 is not possible without women and children/adolescents well nourished, well educated and trained, physically, mentally and morally healthy, and fully enjoying their rights.

Mission and specific objectives 
WEDAT’s mission is to contribute in the proper implementation of the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP) in Cameroon. Specifically, WEDAT tries to support the Government’s efforts of modernization of the production system and human development. This aims to respond to Cameroon’s three major challenges:
– Creation of employment opportunities;
– Poverty reduction;
– Visible improvement in the living conditions of the population.

Public targets
– Women;
– Children/adolescents.

Sectors of intervention 
– Rural sector;
– Crafts and social economic;
– Health;
– Education and vocational training;
– Gender.

STRATEGY (2012-2016)
Approach of intervention
WEDAT’s projects are conducted through three stages including planning, implementing and monitoring. In an attempt to lead successful projects, we encourage local communities especially our public targets (women and children/adolescents) and various stakeholders to participate in every stage of the project.
Community focus and ownership is the first factor to lead our projects to be effective as well as efficient. In addition to that, innovative approaches to providing services are one of the most important factors to carry out our projects as well. We put also significant efforts in order to increase education, public awareness and training, and to develop capacity building. We actively seek to establish partnerships with various organizations including governments, intergovernmental organizations, public and private companies to realize the synergy effect.

Zone of intervention
According to its quinquennial strategic plan (2012-2016), WEDAT addresses to women and children/adolescents in Cameroon, with a priority for those who live in the rural area in the Adamawa, East, Far North, North, and North- West regions. This choice is justified by the information contained in the GESP:
– Poverty rate in 2007 – rural area 55.0 per cent and urban area 12.2 per cent.
– Poverty rate in 2007 – Far North (65.9), North (63.7), Adamawa (53.0), North-West (51.0) and East regions (50.4).

Contact us:

WEDAT – Cameroun
P.O. Box: 601 Mankon, Bamenda
Tel.: (237) 78488116 / 76376943 / 94254990
Email: [email protected]
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/wedat2011

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