Global Education Magazine: World Health Day (April 7th 2013)

Download the magazine here Human Health is a reflection of Earth Health. It is essential to share knowledge to uplift our bonds and renew the spirit-consciousness in every corner of the planet. In Global Education Magazine we stand up for Global Health as a fundamental way to reach human happiness. Namaste! The main goal of the […]

Global Education Magazine: World Refugee Day (June 20th 2013)

Download the magazine here While the world-society close its eyes, refugees, stateless, asylum seekers and internally displaced people are suffering each day. This edition wants to raise awareness about transcultural links to develop a new identity “Earth-Homeland”.   Sağlık! The mission of Global Education Magazine is to propose a moral agreement between all interested people […]

A.B.S. – Azioni di Bassa Soglia. L’esperienza della città di Firenze.

  Eleonora Moscardi Associazione Insieme Onlus e-mail: [email protected]   Mara Marchitelli Associazione Insieme onlus e-mail: [email protected]   Valentina Menzella Cooperativa Sociale CAT e-mail: [email protected] Versione Spagnola Abstract: All’interno del quadro teorico relativo alla marginalità ed alla riduzione del danno la Regione Toscana promuove nella città di Firenze un nuovo progetto di lavoro di strada che […]

Global Education Magazine: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17th, 2012)

  Download the magazine here This edition is dedicated to the memory of the 15 million people who die every year of hunger, treatable diseases, and other conditions related to poverty on our planet. People who publish items on this magazine take their lives seriously.   Global Education Magazine is inspired in the universal values of the Declaration of Emerging […]

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