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The non-profit association Objectif Sciences International offers high-quality science camps for children and teenagers all over the world. These science camps are organised with the aim of discovering and experimenting new ways of conducting science projects while respecting Nature and the Environment.

The aim of the NGO is to inform and create awareness on the importance of Science Education and Participatory Research while advancing Sustainable Development solutions, i.e. learning about the Environment and at the same time fostering respect and appreciation for living creatures.

These Programmes are both aimed at encouraging young people and professionals in adopting a coherent and holistic approach to environmental rights and responsibilities. This is a large-scale project that involves participants from different European countries.

Both programmes are targeted at:

  1. Young people between the ages of 13 and 30 years: > > Summer Programme (August)

All participants will take part in a European Programme that will give them the opportunity in coming together this August (from the 2nd to the 9th) in the Provence Region of South-East France.

> > Group Project

Participants will take part in writing a scientific news report in their native languages on the fascinating topic Rights of Nature, which they will take back home to their different countries – with their own signatures as authors.

They will also prepare a scientific journal on activities conducted during the Programme, with the aim of returning home well equipped to continue with their individual projects.

Participants will work together on practical projects on the Rights of Nature within the framework of different activities organised in three categories:

–     Robotics/Drones and Technology

–          Up the Trees (Study of Trees and their characteristics)

–          Meetings of Excellence

They shall also take part in mountain hiking trips, work in nature laboratories, or make use of hand-held cameras or cameras mounted aboard drones that they will learn to pilot during the course of the Programme.


  1. Professional/Scientific Educators > > Autumn Programme (November)

The NGO is also organisingan international workshop on Science Education for Scientific and Professional Educators from the 16th to the 27th of November 2015.

We are counting on the general public’s support in collaborating with us on this large-scale initiative.

For registrations and enquiries, contact:

The NGO – Objectif Sciences International

(Switzerland : +41 22 519 02 41

France: +33 5 35 54 42 02

Belgium: +32 2 318 31 08


This article was published on August 12, 2015, for the International YouthDay, in Global Education Magazine.

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