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Unlike the olden days where students flock to the library to study and gain information, now it is just right at their fingertips. Based on ‘The Future of Education’ survey by Millennial Branding and, the study revealed that 50% of students don’t need a physical classroom and 39% of them view the future of education as being virtual. About 19% said that they will be using social media to engage in the classroom. The study also discovered that 53% of the students believe that online colleges are reputable and a majority of them are willing to gain professional experience in an online environment.

Thus, with the advancement in technology and with each generation adopting newer and more sophisticated mechanisation, like it or not, they are redefining and reshaping learning. And because of them book-based learning, lectures, stand-up teaching, grades, and all the other paraphernalia of the 20th century will fade away faster than we imagine.

This trend leads to an important question; how ready are our educators to take up the challenge? Are they willing or should they abandon their years of teaching via conventional methods and adopt something which they themselves need to learn from scratch? The Generation Forum aims to provide an in-depth point of view of the different generations and discover the best approaches in harmonising the learners and educators.

Take away with you skills and strategies on:

• Comprehending on the characteristics of different generations
• Exploring innovative teaching methods
• Motivating Millennials/ Gen Z in classrooms and lecture halls
• Improving interaction among the generations

Who should attend?
Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Pro Vice Chancellors, Deans, Registrars, CEOs, Principals, COOs, Directors of:
• Academic
• Student Affairs
• Quality
• Research & Innovation
• Education Specialistst

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