Global Education: toward progress without frontiers

The team of “Educar para Vivir”, with Javier Collado as coordinator, propose in this video the idea that Global Education supports cross-cultural and innovate methologies to achieve meaningful learning and a phenomenological awareness of citizenship to achieve the progress in the humanity´s evolution: compliancing the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations for 2015 and 2025.

In this way, we approach the teaching-learning process from the adjacent dialectic in the multidisciplinary issues that Global Education enables us to build and diffusion of the knowledge, which causes cognitive conflicts between the different educational actors and, consequently, meaningful and pragmatic learning about the various problems of the globalized world of the XXI century.

Therefore, a meaningful learning motivated by the existentialism and the theoretical-epistemological fundamentals of the socio-constructivism that Global Education enables in an effort to get a free, fair and equal society.

Special thanks to United Nations, Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), Movimento sem Teto da Bahia and to all the people who send us their videos!


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