According to latest research conducted by Docebo, Middle East e-learning market to grow 8.2% yearly until 2016. Global and regional education suppliers are raising their stakes in the Middle East as the region’s e-learning market sees revenues rising to $560.7 million by 2016 amid a very competitive growing size of the self-paced e-learning market.

Oman is the top performer in e -learning terms for the rankings that cover the Middle East. Oman has the highest growth rate in the region at 19.6, followed by Lebanon (16.0 percent), Turkey (12.9 percent), Kuwait (12.6 percent) and Qatar (11.3 percent). This is mainly because the government of Oman is interested in issues relating to education and computer literacy and, consequently, is investing heavily in the sector.

For example, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) regularly provides professional development workshops for its staff. This acquaints them with E-learning technology from an educator’s perspective. To date, over 200 staff have attended such workshops. In addition, almost as many regular courses have some E-learning content included.

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