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Traditional schools train people to achieve specific goals, to integrate into an existing professional environment. It is based on  individual excellence and competitiveness. The school/space of the future must prepare people to create their own professional horizon in a world that is rapidly changing and making many of the traditional teachings obsolete. This new education is based on collaborative thinking as opposed to individualistic competitiveness, it will encourage creativity and personal spiritual fulfillment as opposed to only material and professional achievements. It is a holistic approach to education not a traditional subject based curriculum.

It focuses on relational information and practical experimentation not traditional theoretical knowledge. The school of the future needs to develop a new human being because the important question we ask is: who do we want to be? what kind of humanity do we want to prepare? As we answer these questions, we understand the need for a balanced approach between work and nonwork, between the material experience and the spiritual and intangible component of living. OES Brazil is a new Mindset Edu Space based on Brazil between Morro de Sao Paulo and Salvador de Bahia collaborating with the Federal University of Bahia, local Entrepreneurs and an international Join venture made up from Mikele Ferraro, the OES Director. Javier Collado, Julia Navarro, Guilliermo Cereceda co-founders at OES Brazil.

Mikele Ferraro Global Education Magazine
Co-creating and Social Business need strength and skills, we all will learn the power of Love as technology using it like a tool to enrich our potential and make some concrete transformation around our communities… Love is for strong people not for the weak ones! With us you will be much more strong than before… We must think liquid…

This article was published on April7th: World Health Day in Global Education Magazine

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