Healing a Divided Planet: Proposed Actions on Transboundary Learning and Innovation

Serafin D. Talisayon Professor (retired), University of the Philippines. Director for R&D, Center for Conscious Living Foundation [email protected] . Abstract: Violence and conflict still continue all over the globe. Much of this violence stem from ethnic, religious and other “mental fences” that people have been educated from childhood. These boundaries and loyalties divide people in the planet. […]

Sustainability Frontiers

MISSION AND VALUES Sustainability Frontiers is an international alliance of sustainability and global educators dedicated to laying bare the assumptions, exposing the blind spots and transgressing the current boundaries and orthodoxies of mainstream sustainability education, while envisioning, theorizing, researching, promoting and putting into practice sustainability learning that seeks transformation and healing of the human condition […]

Constellation of Twinned NGOs-Schools: A Symphony of Interpersonal Solidarity

Spanish Version . Available for blinds  Welcome to Global Education Magazine! This is a consciousness raiser project founded to humanize educational activities by means of pedagogical efforts, which will definitely set the beat of peaceful melodies of the 21st century. Harmonious melodies of social, individual and anthropological metamorphosis, which will represent the polyphonic-epistemological basis, in […]

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Pachamama: una iniciativa de educación para la paz

   Mª Carmen Moreno Luna Diplomada en Magisterio de Educación Infantil. Cofundadora del la Asociación Juvenil Acción Solidaria para el Cambio Social e-mail: [email protected]  Miguel Ángel Moreno Luna Estudiante de Educación Social, miembro del Colectivo Docente Internacional de Innovación y Praxis Educativa INNOVAGOGIA. Cofundador del la Asociación Juvenil Acción Solidaria para el Cambio Social. e-mail: […]

Peacebuilding and Trauma Trasformation. Is sustainable peacebuilding possible without addressing and transforming trauma?

Cvijeta Novakovic Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Specialist in Bosnia and Herzegovina [email protected] Abstract: The role of past in lives of people is significant: according to an ancient philosophy, people walk in front of the past, while the unknown future stays  behind of them. Hard experiences of conflict, war and trauma have inevitable and negative impact […]

Seeking Peace

Shahbaz Israr Khan Visiting Faculty at UN mandated University for Peace [email protected]   Seeking Peace Sun has descended with the fear of darkness Mountains and deserts fearing with its sharpness  Plants and trees all in slumber Wants to wake them from the tools of plumber My home is submerged in the ocean of blood Should […]

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