AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Center for Development Services AWAZ Foundation Pakistan: Centre for Development Services-AWAZCDS is striving for the Socio-economic development and political empowerment of marginalized communities especially women and young people across Pakistan since 1995. AWAZ follows rights based approaches for sustainable development, poverty alleviation, achieving MDGs. AWAZ enjoys special consultative status with UNECOSOC and also certified from Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy. […]

Reflections on the HIV Program in India

Anita Rego Independent Consultant Social Development e-mail: [email protected]   Abstract: The Indian HIV program has put in place a public health program that has gone beyond the traditional health care and has moved towards developing an enabling environment from a multi-dimensional perspective.  This article attempts to capture these experiences and the lessons it has provided during […]

African Centre for Community and Development in Cameroon

  Arrey Mbongaya Ivo  Founder and Director of African Centre for Community and Development. e-mail: [email protected] web:   Abstract: This article explores my key areas of work as the Director of African Centre for Community and Development which is involved in diverse humanitarian and development devices towards poverty alleviation, education, sustainability and the empowerment […]

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