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Since last one and half decades, UDYAMA has demonstrated few evidence based initiatives working directly with community  and engaging partner NGOs  in coastal,  tribal areas and carved out good learning on community resilience process. Learning–Linking- Livelihoods is the core areas of UDYAMA that has scaled and replicated in coastal, rural and tribal hinter lands.

Founded in 1997, UDYAMA primarily aims towards strengthening and building capacities of local communities with a view to changing a culture of self-reliance harnessing resource base, blending with local-resource and improved technology transformation with well articulated development communication.

We are focusing following activities:

  • Community Livelihoods Resilience at Coastal, Rural and Tribal Hilly Regions

  • Model building on Sustainable Agriculture ,biodiversity conservation,

  • Micro-Water, Land & commons resource management, rejuvenation & stabilization

  • House Hold Nutrition, Sanitation, Hygiene, Focusing women & children

  • Life Skill Development , income diversification And alternate livelihoods of ultra poor

  • Advocacy towards City Resilient program ,Green Energy, Gearing Greening

  • Minimizing Adverse impact of Distress Migration at source & destination

  • Citizen Action & Institution building, on climate Justice involving & multi-stakeholders

  • Networking towards mainstreaming DRR

  • Result BasedManagement Training ,Study & adaptive action research

Udyama attempts consistently to stem the rot and build back the societal networks that can rejuvenate the resource base. Searching alternative process to live with dignity and deal the Next Development Challenges for a lasting solution to disaster resilient development .

With our steady and sustained effort on disaster resilient development process, UDYAMA has bagged UN-ECOSOC status, Accredited to UN-Global compact, UN-CONGO, UNISDRR,UNEP-SCP engine GFDRR and Global Water Partnership and members in stakeholders’ forum, City-Net, National Institute of Open Learning for Vocational Training , India Gateway, Government of India (NPO) , Water Climate Coalition, Global Network for Disaster Risk Reduction and WSP,WSSCC, End Water Poverty and SAMHITA, CDRN, AADRR, SPHERE-India. Very Recently UDYAMA has awarded e-NGO 2012 Using ICT in Development.

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This article was published on June 20th: World Refugee Day in Global Education Magazine.

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