A new era of studies to achieve the MDGs
Other of our projects is promote a multi, inter and transdisciplinary education in the curricula of the universities in all the countries that are part of the United Nations, in order to teach “reading the world” through a new academic graduation: “worldology”.

How can our countries pretend to achieve the MDGs if they do not teach us about them in the school and universities?

Worldology is an innovate proposal with a futurist vision to increase citizenship of 21st century awareness of the new paradigms that exist in the current era of glogalization.
In addition, worldology should be taught with the same curricular contents in all universities in different countries, giving the opportunity for students to study this new degree each year in each country, since the only way to be conscious of the economical, political and cultural dynamics that are successful in this inter-relational world is simply by traveling.
The best way to learn about the global problems is travelling around the world, for this reason the students of this new graduation would have to travel each academic year to different countries and continents to study the way to achieve the MDGs!
Therefore, this new academic degree supplies an instructional tool to achieve citizens participation in the creation of a humanistic and global thought, founded in the progress and evolution of human beings as species: the homo concienciatus, which could achieve the MDG. 
For that reason, the worldology has to be viewed as an innovate opportunity to train new generations of citizens of all the world with humanistic and philanthropic perspective, in order to break all the political-economics and socio-educational structures of the positive paradigms from the past, still presents today, that reduce our students to submissive consumers and passive citizens.
Could UNESCO start working in this direction to implicate all our countries?

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