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Young Queens UK is an international project, a subdivision of Anima Foundation Charity, and the brain child of the 2014 Miss Ghana UK, Eloise Anima Dickens. While the pageant is, on face value, more about beauty and confidence, this particular Young Queen embodies such compassion in her heart, such a love for people and a keenness to empower, that she has embarked on a journey that will see her and her peers devoting their time to showing other Young Queens why they should be proud to be crowned. The icon that is the symbol of Young Queens is a representation of her success in the pageant, but this undertaking, is entirely independent, initially self funded and non profit.

The purpose of the programme is to emancipate females between the ages of 13 and 24 in all aspects of their lives. This, we seek to achieve, by involving our members in events catered towards their economic, personal and social growth. These include talks given by professionals in their varying fields of expertise, exclusive meets with special guests, workshops accommodating curriculum vitae enhancements, excursions and a myriad of other undertakings.

Membership is elective, encouraged and outside the age requirements, non-discriminatory; any nationality, ethnicity, religion and background is welcome. At the time of print, this society consisted of an ever growing number of ambassadors, three partners and Miss Dickens, the founder and chair of Anima Foundation Charity. In her words:

My aim has always been to inspire people to be more, do more and become more. I was astonished and pleased by the number of applicants expressing interest in becoming an ambassador; reason being, it showed me that these young ladies recognised something within themselves…LEADERSHIP potential and SELF BELIEF. These are two very important factors that should be harnessed in every single female. I see it as my duty to give these ladies confidence to be more, do more and become more. By extension, I am committed to taking on anyone who shows genuine interest in joining our Young Queens family. Applications are welcome indefinitely.

The ambassadors are motivated, enthusiastic young individuals of all nationalities who represent the organisation and its values as well as carry out varying duties in a bid to fulfil the objectives of Young Queens. These duties include endorsing the society to potential sponsors and affiliates, as well as presenting Young Queens to members of the public across social media, and at locations such as academic establishments.

In the UK alone, employment rates have risen, with those for women at a record high of 68.6% and these are statistics vouched for by the BBC. Our aim is not necessarily to see to it that this figure increases in an upward trajectory, but rather to ensure that when the time comes for our young queens to enter the job market, they have the confidence, the etiquette, the resilience, and ability that employers will require of them.  We aim to support and advise, not just the Queens in the UK, but to act as advocates for the education of our fellow queens in developing countries. We aspire to inspire females all over, using our platform to be a positive influence, offering aid in any way we can.

What is coming is better than what is gone. As women, we have the courage to grab life by the lapels, and live it how we want. We can see that, and we are here to help you realise the potential in you. As said by other great people who realised their own potential, leadership is not a trumpet to self importance. It is an opportunity to serve. Leadership isn’t about creating followers. It is about creating more leaders and making others better as a result of your presence.

by Clara Sibanda

[email protected]


This article was published on August 12, 2015, for the International Youth Day, in Global Education Magazine.

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