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international women´s day, global education magazine

March 8: International Women´s Day


“I saw that displaced women had many difficulties; they lived through atrocities and had enormous trauma. I realised that learning to write and training will help them forget the trauma, and what they had to go through. This is what pushed me to help these women and help them become independent”                        2013 UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award: Sister Angélique Namaika



Global Education Magazine 6, Human Rights Day, UNESCO, ACNUR

December 10: Human Rights Day


We speak here of the challenge of the dichotomies of war and peace, violence and non-violence, racism and human dignity, oppression and repression and liberty and human rights, poverty and freedom from want.
Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Address (10 December 1993)



Global Education Magazine, International Day of Democracy Cover September 15: International Day of Democracy

Cultural Democracy is a process dynamic which works to create awareness and responsibility with people in the free world.
Considering the challenges of globalization, this edition of Global Education Magazine intends to reflect on the supranational level actions that promote political unity and equal rights, respecting all diversity and minorities.



Global Education Magazine, World Refugee Day, 2013

June 20: World Refugee Day


While the world-society close its eyes, refugees, stateless, asylum seekers and internally displaced people are suffering each day.
This edition wants to raise awareness about transcultural links to develop a new identity “Earth-Homeland”.




World Health Day, Global Education Magazine

April 7: World Health Day


Human Health is a reflection of Earth Health. It is essential to share knowledge to uplift our bonds and renew the spirit-consciousness in every corner of the planet.
In Global Education Magazine we stand up for Global Health as a fundamental way to reach human happiness.


portada, Día Escolar de No-violencia y Paz, Global Education Magazine,January 30:

School Day of Non-violence and Peace


On January 30th, ,1948 Mahatma Gandhi was murdered, and since 1964the Day of Non-violence and Peace has been celebrated at schools from all over the world.
This edition has the socio-psycho-pedagogic goal to promote the multidimensional resolution of all disputes.

October 17:

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

This edition is dedicated to the memory of the 15 million people who die every year of hunger, treatable deseases, and other conditions related to poverty on our planet.
People who publish items on this magazine take their lives seriously.



Global Education Magazine is published by “Education for Life NGO” (Almansa, AB, Spain) with DMMDC (Salvador, BA, Brazil) as partnership. It is supported by the Regional Offices of Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO and UNHCR.


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