World Biomimetics Foundation organizes the 1st World Biomimetic Challenges & Awards

World Biomimetics Foundation

World Biomimetics Foundation organizes the 1st World Biomimetic Challenges & Awards, an event that introduces the Biomimetic as a Cosmo vision on XXI century.

The event will get to know the Biomimetic or Bioinspiration as a paradigm of conscience and progress.

The next 22th June 2016 inMontjuïc venue of Fira deBarcelona, the World Biomimetics Foundation with the co-organization of Fira de Barcelona and with the collaboration with In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions, organizes the first Edition of the World Biomimetic Challenges & Awards. An anticipatory event to the future organization of World Biomimetic Experience Summit 2017, where it will put on the spot the international reality of the Biomimetic as an emerging model to face a new social, economic and industrial scenario from a bioinspiring cosmo vision.


Over 3.8 billion years, nature has undergone a constant process of trial and error knew how to find solutions to most of the present problems that Humans are trying to solve in favor of a social, productive, organizational and sustainable economic ecosystem. Living beings are the source of inspiration for solving the actual human challenges, turning the biologic universe into a pure inspirational, creative and innovative lab.

The Biomimetic gives meaning to the transforming model of this new reality. Observing the Nature, we can understand their systems, patterns, processes and behaviors, to apply solutions in favor of people in balance with the preservation of the planet. The architecture of Gaudí, the invention of Velcro, High-Speed train in Japan or the design of software in the computer security, inspired by the ants behavior, are among others the biomimetic realities that are taking part in our society.

Based on some given figures from the study “Bioinspiration: And Economic Progress Report” created by Fermanian Business & Economic Institute, the biomimetic Influence in different huge industries is translated in a considerable impact in the Gross Domestic Product, GDP, in U.S.A. and in the global economy in 2030.

Barcelona will host as a worldwide referral of the biomimetic architecture from Antonio Gaudí and as the innovative and creative International Capital, 1era Edition of World Biomimetic Challenges & Awards. An event, organized within the context of the In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions that will get to know the biomimetic projects and it will give the chance to assist and to be a witness to conferences in “Biomimetic, a new Cosmo vision” driven by renowned international speakers that will bring closer the new challenges from XXI century from the Biomimetic view.

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World Biomimetic Challenges & Awards 2016

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