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Earth belongs to all of us. Therefore, every human being has the universal right to a meaningful human existence. This also means that all of us have the right to enjoy this life in Peace everywhere on this planet. And even if we cannot now, we can envision this in our minds. It is true: WORLD PEACE IS POSSIBLE.

Our world has more than enough food for all of us; but we waste it, overeat ourselves and because of this, we deprive those in underdeveloped countries of these resources. We leave our brothers, sisters and children in those areas in war, extreme poverty and starvation.

Hundreds of nuclear power plants are still being built.We have wildlife vanishing and our bio-balance is coming adrift. This destroys much of our health and peace of mind, while others devour our food supply. We have unbalanced and power-hypnotized people – who are drawn like moths to a flame. We can see and can measure the chilling consequences of an untamed lust for wealth.

Most people merely watch events rather than educate themselves to bring about change and a better quality of life. There are many dire crises both local to global which staring us in the face Fukushima and its effects on the Pacific Ocean is an example. There is real possibility death of all life could be happening as radiation kills and, or contaminates all food, water and air. An even worst-case scenario is the potential of World War III!

For a very long time many people have lived in sadness and despair. However, a glimmer of hope is rising on our horizon. The Age of Aquarius has begun. This particular Earth age in human time is also called the Age of Love and Brotherhood. According to spiritual predictions, in this new Age, terms such as Oneness, Unity, Brotherhood of Man, and Lasting World Peace are within our reach. A next step in human evolution is that we will be communicating from the universal language of our hearts; which is love. It is love that will heal and repair all that needs to heal on our planet. We humans all truly yearn in our deepest being for world peace and all that goes together with this; an end to hunger, trauma, and poverty.

There is hope here in this message for all of us. “We are now at the dawn of a glorious future. One in which we will know, firsthand, from the depth of our beings, the glory of the decision and choice we made in that now dim and distant past. That decision was to go on a new adventure into form. It was the promise of this New Age wherein we will remember who and what we are, as well as our place of origin.” (1)

We are exiting the Piscean experience, which was marked by division, separateness and war. – On the other hand however, we saw great accomplishments in education, the development of the mind, and a deep desire for peace, made poignant by two world wars and many cultural religious and racial conflicts.

“We are embarking on a new adventure in which science will penetrate the depth of matter to reveal to humanity the presence of Spirit that it holds. Likewise the spiritual world will unveil its secret mystery which in turn will help mankind remember its origin and purpose here. All this will be facilitated by the power and rulership of Uranus the planet of occultism and absolute unity of all humanity and all life. The mystery of fire, air water, sound, color and light will be uncovered and this knowledge will help humanity to understand our true nature and our divine essence” (1)

The female power on this planet, so necessary for humanity to achieve harmony peace and balance, has not gained the same empowerments as has the male force. The empowerment of females to an equal balance with males is the true key to evolve as one humanity; to the stage of everlasting world peace.


Our world and its citizens must now transform, to defeat an army of problems which are escalating wildly beyond our efforts to rein them in — a side-effect of the mental discord we have accepted as ‘normal’, by seeking undue profit on return [ie. beyond the basic requirements we need for continuance] — at a time of rapidly increasing global survival crisis.

Instead, let us ‘maximize philanthropy’ – i.e. provide maximum social assistance where needed, by sharing excess. Such dramatic shift in the economy due to a greater personal and global social responsibility will maximize our personal to global transformation. By such inner realignment we will achieve greater personal responsibility and discover the joy of being able to outreach to help save Earth from a vast array of planetary future nightmares – beyond all control.

Through personal giving ~ largesse ~ we provide sufficient momentum for all to enjoy normal, healthy, mature and ethically responsible lives. In short, we must adopt a magnanimous and ethical planetary culture – to accept our vital personal role in helping to balance all imbalances, and reach out to help the mass of individuals already caught in the tidal backlash of poverty, stemming from maximizing returns, which have destroyed the basic needs of those who live lives of simplicity and survival.

How can low-lying Pacific and other islands ever recover economically — to provide recently overwhelmed families and their children for a life of purpose and potential, unless we reject the imbalanced lifestyle we’ve accepted so blindly, by maximizing returns? To continue under this mindset is to miss the chance of discovering the true adventure of life — to be WELL — i.e. WISE – EMPOWERING OTHERS – LOVING – LIGHT-FILLED [that is, to become ennobled].

It is time to pioneer a remarkable future for all! ~ Let us thus ponder ways to convene a social and political Summit — to change the lifestyle of senior members of society, so the trickle-down effect ensures that those who work hand-to-mouth are able to survive — with all having the time and energy to volunteer — to help heal the planet!

Let us now develop a lifestyle which embraces goals that embrace planetary survival — in the getting of Love and Wisdom. These go hand in hand, to increase our inner ‘firestone-burning’, i.e. heart-centered living — the ideal lifestyle for our futures, as it gives back to Earth our individual respect and joy for the gift of being born as a member of this remarkable planet.

Sending Love, Peace, Self-Transformation! Goodwill Wishes To Y(our) World,


Thank you to the following sources; permission received:

  1. Etta D. Jackson, Understanding Your Choice, 2009

(2) Mr. Ivan Torrent, The Creator of the Music of the Trailer, 2013


This article was published on 8th March: International Women´s Day, in Global Education Magazine.

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