Intellisense Co. Ltd is a multiple award winning technological company based in Budapest, Hungary. Since its inception in 2010 Intellisense has been working together with the most renowned Universities and Teachers from across Hungary, developing unique and creative STEM applications for primary and secondary education.

Working together with 24 well educated and experienced professionals, Intellisense aims at taking part in the digital transformation of education and provide convenient and innovative solutions in the field of data acquisition.

 Since becoming an Intel partner in 2012, Intellisense is working closely with the world’s biggest hardware and educational software producers and is constantly in negotiations and discussions with other STEM solution providers.



Science is fun

Lab Camera is a Science Exploration app with 7 tools that enables you to carry out scientific concepts using the laptop’s or tablet’s camera.

Built as a natural science exploration and data logging laboratory, Lab Camera allows students and teachers to carry out substantial scientific observations and measurements by using our software and your device’s basic integrated camera. Conducting physics, biology and chemistry experiments with Lab Camera – both in the classroom and at home – brings natural science education to a whole new level. It provides homes and schools with an instrument that makes learning natural science subject matters modern, exciting and engaging. The use of the software bridges the gap between school and home education, involves students actively and enables playful engagement with natural sciences, facilitating in depth understanding of the subject. We have developed seven great functions to help you discover the secrets of nature and your immediate surroundings.

Level: Elementary School-Higher Degree

Languages: 29 languages

Ages: 6 and up

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Chrome




Snap and solve

MATEK is an innovative application that teaches and helps you solve simple or complex mathematical equations by snapping a picture of a handwritten or printed equation or just by writing it on your touchscreen.

Providing a step-by-step human logic explanation of an equation, MATEK promotes a can-do attitude towards solving mathematics by offering a proper explanation of the solving process and related background information from knowledge sources on the web. Not to be mistaken for a calculator, MATEK helps children understand the world of numbers by using innovative technology and easy to follow assistance and guidance.


Ages: 12 and up

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Chrome




FIZIKA (Physics)

Smart fun physics

Experience physics in a fun and engaging way with the most entertaining and educative physics simulator on the market.

Fizika allows you to learn and have fun at the same time! Use the preloaded objects or just draw on the screen to create scenes and experiments with ease and press the play button to get everything in motion. Change the properties of the objects or the environment to alter reality and observe the impact it has on the simulation. Switch to colourful themes such as Fruitland and Mysterious to make your simulation even more fun!

Starting from gravity to elasticity, acceleration, mass, friction and more, Fizika allows you to understand physics beyond theory and classic laboratory experiments. Besides playing with the extended customizable properties, you can analyse the processes with Fizika’s live graphing solution that will allow you to track and record everything for a later-on deeper analysis.

A 4 months study conducted by ELTE (Eötvös Lóránt Science University in Budapest, Hungary) on 160 9th-grade students from 5 different schools showed that the groups using Fizika for problem solving, accomplished final tests with a score 15% higher than their peers having traditional approach during their classes.

The study concludes that as the difference was even higher in case of problems of medium difficulty, Fizika raises students with average skills to a higher level of understanding, thus converting part of those uncertain about science subjects into science enthusiasts.


Level: Middle School/High School

Ages: 6 and up

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Chrome




Your story, just a clap away

The fun way to make stop-motion movies. Create a shot without touching the camera only by clapping your hands. Clapmotion develops project based thinking, artistic, creative and teamwork skills. Stop-motion animation also important in science education, it helps for the deep understanding of the basic “mechanism” of movements.

Ages: 6 and up

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Chrome


This article was published on August 12, 2015, for the International Youth Day, in Global Education Magazine.

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