Letter to Humanity About its Evolution From its Organism


I would like to discuss with you and express a concern about the present situation in a human world.

Humanity is in constant stagnation, in an organism mind. It is in a misunderstanding of the natural. Humanity does not know its aim, its and the worlds fundamental basis, its own structure of the mind in regards to the Universal cell, etc. Human does not know its potential, it has no real motivation nor a natural pure reason. Humanity is divided,.. by thoughts, cultures, ignorance, slavery, economics, etc. The grand mistake is that human thinks and sees his being (only) as a human; ego dependent.

Ultimate fate of the Universe is predicted, as any other organism, death. It is more important to know its system, general processes, structure,.. in order to understand a human being, its potential. There is nothing more in philosophy except organism; philosophy of the Universe.

Universe is an atomic vacuum, it is a cell, whose reincarnating structure is infinite, meaning that “our” Universe is not the single one, it appeared from another one, just as humans continue giving birth to their children; enclosed system of relativity, cyclic. The more important concern is how a human being understands the one single cell he is in, organic mind, his own existence.

The Being (and human) – is an individuality; individual duality. Any existing cell, body… is dead, so, the process which goes on inside of it is also dead. Mind is dead. Infinity is dead.

Mind (soul, etc.) derives from the fundamental structure and circumstances of the Universe: vacuum, water, waves of electromagnetic radiation, etc. Love is proportional to the speed of light.

Mind is – body… matter, and cannot have independence. It is a transforming closed system, dual interdependent machine with infinite self-preservation. (absurd urge, because it is dead; never progress beyond) Human mind is the same as any creature has, only more evolved, because human can observe the situation and decide his choice of action. He cannot observe with independent knowledge and make a decision, because he is still in an animal passive mind. Human being is a total replica of the Universe. Inside he has the same Universe which is outside, it is its electric mind.

Homo-sapiens is outdated, because “wise being leads to knowledge”; therefore, now is the moment to conclude the variations of the mind, world, into a single knowledge, by speaking and using the acknowledged language. Then, homo-scientes (knowing being) can develop. Then, evolution from the organism can start.

Universe is like a firework: it has its singular components, explodes and disseminates… then dies out. Universe has no physical center; also a human being has a center which is independent from matter. Human being cannot overcome its existence, corpus. Inside of a human is an “independent particle”, which was always evolved from the organic mind, but never fully acknowledged, revealed, or used. Independence can appear when the home will be explained and known.

Humanity is able to reach the same singularity as the Universe had in its egg of birth.

Humanity must let the independence from its self blow out of the universal mind ovum; and make an evolution from the present existence, body,.. from the present nurtured creature, from the mind.

Evolution is seen in a communal eye only as biological, which is a massive mistake and propaganda. Lack of truthful information is the main reason of stagnation. The aim of evolution can be “reached” through a complete education about existence, reality… human-world paradox. When human-children will receive information about the reality’s core, the old built thinking system of humanity will be transfigured and progressed, beyond reality. Right now it is in the state of ignorance and circular shell-life based on a constrained animal urge to survive; living by the bio-logical variation clock. The evolution, the aim of humanity ..cannot be seen, only understood and shared.

Human – is a life in its potential maximum. Human is the last step out of the egg; we can exceed it only by making a deliberate conceived sacrifice of the organism. By understanding death.

Life is a metaphor of death. (vice versa) The death of the human being, body, life,… must be understood, told openly. Knowledge comes out of organism. (existence) Knowledge can make an evolution; not a human being.

I hope I wrote clear enough to understand the idea. I am free to start with you a practical dialogue about any topic and further joint activity.

kind regards,

Kubik Sahara


This article was published on 21stSeptember International Day of Peace, in Global Education Magazine.

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