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Dear Editor,

I have been reflecting on the simple values of life ​​often forgotten and the importance of learning a foreign language. My small bilingual book series “The Adventures of Enzo” are written for young children to learn new languages ​​and teach them the simple values ​​of life. These twelve books also recall the purity and innocence of our children.

The ability to speak more than one language is a real richness in our society. We live in a dynamic and globalized world in which our children must be understood and accepted in any country where they are located.

The Project

A series of twelve French bilingual books for children aged 3 to 7 years. The protagonist of the series is a whimsical and imaginative boy inspired by myself and my youngest son Enzo. He sets off to discover his world under the watchful eye of his lucky star. The series revolves around the twelve signs of the zodiac and the stories follow the seasons of the year. You can find at the end of each book a proverb that summarizes the story.

The titles are currently available in French / English and French / Spanish and already translated into five other languages ​​(Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch and Mandarin Chinese).

The Author

Born in France, I have been writing all my life. I arrived in Santa Barbara, California five years ago with my two older children to follow the love of my life, my husband Laurent Colasse. My husband was already considering the creation of postcards around the charming illustrations of Sarah Bainton clothing he found in a magazine. So a literary partnership is naturally born of our love.

When we arrived in the United States, we had to face the joys and challenges of bilingual and bicultural life. We were inspired to write books that would break down bilingual language barriers and better understand others. I am also a mother of four children and I often (like other parents) am confronted with a generational gap.

That is why my husband and myself have recently released this new series entitled “The Adventures of Enzo” to keep current the values ​​that seem easily forgotten in our modern world, as the richness of learning a new language.

I invite you to view each book on our website: http://www.soloinfinity.com/enzo/english/adventures.php

EARTH CONSTELLATION STARS AND ENZO, global education magazine


The Vision

We believe that the simple values ​​of life are best taught in a narrative context. Not only can bilingual books for children help teach a new language smoothly, they can also remind readers of what is important in life. The stories teach values ​​such as patience, forgiveness, and that we are all born under a lucky star. The children keep their innocence and naivety. The books allow children and parents to relearn a new expression and proverbs that are less known today. When children and adults read together, the generations meet and come to understand each other better. They learn to love better and to share their world. Moreover, parents from different cultures can naturally interact with their child and read stories in one language or another.

I am very happy to share my writings with the readers of Global Education. My little Enzo helps us explore these universal values ​​and the importance of education.

I hope my journey will help other parents with journeys similar to our own. If this is the case, I’d be happy to share more about my adventures. Do not hesitate to contact me by email: [email protected] or phone: +1 805-568-0227

Kind regards,

Sonia Colasse

 For more information, visit www.soloinfinty.com/enzo

This article was published on June 20th: World Refugee Day in Global Education Magazine.

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