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Remember our friend Enzo!

A few months ago, Enzo thought you to act with great respect for the planet, as well as telling you about his adventures with Isaak and the human rights.

Even if several months have passed, tolerance, respect and rights for each man are not always equal!

What is solidarity? Why is it important? Why deciding to live an experience of solidarity? What comes out of it?

Our little Enzo and his parents like to travel. The first visit to Mexico, Enzo’s mother was offered the opportunity to become a godmother and to sponsor a child to offer him knowledge by studying and to chase his dreams. The child may acquire a profession while growing up.

That is a human solidarity!

After returning home, the mother of Enzo immediately fills registration sheets to become the godmother of the little boy named Esteban. She does not know how to ask questions, why refusing helping a child, who has the same dreams of her own children: becoming a good and just man! That is why Enzo’s mother wishes to live this solidarity and share it with her son.

During their second visit to Mexico, Enzo and his parents will be able to meet Esteban and his family.

On an extraordinary trip, Enzo discovers magnificent scenery, especially children’s smiles of this country. The houses are different colors, representing happiness.

Poverty is seen outside people, but the mother of Enzo can read the happiness and the joy in their hearts.

Children have happy smiles because they are there, alive, running barefoot, messing around in water, their hair in the wind, and games shared between them.

This is true happiness!

Our friend is proud to share the solidarity of his mom and act instead of only talking. Independence is not only compassion. It is also the sense of humanitarian, a link that leads to mutual assistance without judgments, but with love.

In the eyes of five-year-old Enzo, brotherhood is first and foremost a beautiful human chain between men or all children of Earth would held hands, towards a future where there is no more hunger, no more misery, where nobody would be cold or sick, and that all children have parents to call mom and dad. This is why solidarity is important.

Enzo’s mother told him privately, for her own concern, her worries about the welfare and the happiness of others. No matter where they are and who they are, all this is necessary for the development of our world!

La solidarité est la valeur essentielle pour grandir ensemble, sonia colasse, global education magazine

A few days pass and finally the big day has arrived, the mother of Enzo and the family will meet Esteban at his home, in the mountains.

There were a lot of rain lately and the roads are muddy, but that doesn’t matter, Mom had decided to go to the end of her responsibilities and to bring notebooks, pencils to Esteban’s school as she had promised.

It is with the heart full of joy and happiness that our friend, sitting in the back of the truck, sees cows on the side of the road, and wild horses galloping freely on the massif green land.

After three hours of driving in the Rocky Mountains, the car stops between two paths, which one to take? Mom thinks that we should go left, climbing even higher, where the mist of rain covers the top of the mountains. Mom is right, always follow your heart. The love that she already have for Esteban accompanied her to this amazing day.

Finally our beautiful family arrives in front of Esteban’s school. Surprised by such generosity, Esteban remains touched. It is Enzo that will hand over all the pencils and notebooks to the class teacher.

Mom will ask the teacher if Esteban can be absent from the class for the rest of the day, to enjoy and give her all her love to him.

Esteban offers to be the new guide and accompany them to his place.

Enzo’s mother discovers a small house. One room is shared between all, with much humility and respect. Mom smiled, enjoying the family values because love reigns in this small room.

There is no need of a bigger house when we have a big heart. It’s learning how to do a lot with a little!

Mom meets the parents, but also three other children.

Esteban has two older sisters and a little brother named Raoul.

Enzo is immediately attached to Esteban’s little brother.

They play ball and hide.

Although they both speak different languages, Enzo already loves his new friend. They did not need to speak to appreciate one another. It’s sharing different culture to work better together.

Enzo came with a small backpack, few cars, two robots comes out of it, shared with Raoul. Human solidarity is a fraternal link and a significant social value that unite the destiny of all men kind and at a young age!

Human solidarity has begun its long way for Enzo, unknowingly. He says his complicity with a different child only by appearance! Human solidarity is essential because it reconnects to our humanity.

A few hours later, after a few exchange between the two families, Enzo and his parents must leave. It is with the heart filled with emotion that they all say goodbye with simplicity.

Enzo’s mother no longer want to leave this unique place of wellbeing.

She had forgotten the superficial that she lives in every day, now the simplicity and the reality of life will be kept in her heart.

Enzo offers a robot to his new friend and learns that sharing is a real gift in itself! Human solidarity is the ability of mankind to reduce illegalities!

They hope to see each other!

The mother of our friend will continue her path of human solidarity, continuing to see Esteban grow and evolve in his studies by corresponding with each other. Esteban will be a part of Enzo’s family and will continue his path of schoolboy to becoming a teacher. They all want to see that become true with the help of Enzo’s family.

Enzo and Raoul received a companionship in just one day, when it usually takes several weeks to reach in today’s world.

They have learned to simply play with the toys and each other, learned to respect their values, to appreciate themselves with who they are, forgetting video games and television.

Giving and reaching out, is beautiful!

We retain this human solidarity as sincere and honest friendship!

Translate by Bélinda Colasse

This article was published on 20th December 2014, for the International Human Solidarity Day, in Global Education Magazine.

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